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Custom Fiberglass Pools Verses 1 Pieces Fiberglass Pools

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Custom Fiberglass Pools V. 1 Piece Fiberglass Pools

Custom Fiberglass Pools and 1 Piece fiberglass Pools are constructed so different.

However, if you’re trying to choose which is right for you, make sure you know the differences before you buy. Always do your research on a pool before you make a decision. This is something you will have to live with in your back yard for years to come and you want to be happy with it. While Custom Fiberglass Pools and 1 Piece fiberglass Pools cost can be different between the two. What you are paying for is the quality or work and craftsmanship in the building of said pool. Now don't get me wrong they both have some similarities between to two, but you will see they also have some differences and depending on what you are looking for and want to pay for will make up your mind in the end with what way you chose to go. So let’s dive in a bit deeper and explore the similarities and differences below.

Custom Fiberglass Pools V. 1 Piece Fiberglass Pools


1. Both are easy to clean and maintain since they have a nonporous surface. Out of all pool construction materials, the fiberglass surface requires the LEAST amount of maintenance on a daily/weekly basis. This mean less time spent on cleaning and less money spent on chemicals.

2. Both have a smooth, nonporous surface so algae won’t stick to the walls like it would with other types of pools such as Gunite. Guinte walls are typically made of porous materials, which can be a breeding ground for algae. While there will still be algae in fiberglass pool if the water is not maintained, it won’t be as hard to remove. This means, you don’t have to scrub the walls as you would with a gunite pool, making it easier to maintain.

3.  Both are Structurally sound if built properly! Fiberglass shells are made to have normal wear and tear, as well as being exposed to things like the sun and harsh weather. If it is build properly they will not need major repairs down the road.

4. Both don't have a surface that needs to be redone over time. Unlike with other pools like a Gunite ever 7-10 years needs to be re-marcited it and a Vinyl Liner you have to replace the liner ever 7-10 years.

Custom Fiberglass Pools V. 1 Piece Fiberglass Pools


1 Piece Fiberglass Pools

If you’re looking for a quick install, 1 piece fiberglass pools can be up and running in as little as 2-3 days. Fiberglass pool shells are built in a factory and shipped intact to your home. Many times you have to choose from LIMITED available options. This is because the shells come pre-made from a factory with the size, shape, and depth you picked out prior to purchasing. Also they are measured from the outside dimensions of the pool. So a 16x32 is NOT a true 16x36. There is also a limitation to the depth of the pool . Once the pool is ready for installation it is pretty simple the pool is delivered, usually the hole is already pre-dug and once the pool is put into the hole, the plumbing and equipment is than connected and you are all set. Now because these pools are built in factories there is a lot of unknowns as well. You are relying on the integrity of the manufacture to make you a good quality pool. This is not always the case. Also factories spray chopped fiberglass strands over the molds to build the pool. This is not as structurally strong as if you hand laid fiberglass matting over the mold. There is also the concern with them spraying it onto the mold that it is NOT evenly distributed over your pool. This can cause weak spots and can cause your pool to crack. If not manufactured properly, can develop bubbles or cracks in gel coat. These pools also have a Gel Coating over the top of them. This can blister, crack, and chip off over time. It can also degrade a lot sooner if your chemicals are not kept in line on you pool. You also have a limited amount of options to pick what color pool you would like to have

Custom Fiberglass Pool

Now with a Custom Fiberglass Pool it could take 2-4 weeks to install. If you are looking for a specific shape, an extra-large, extra small, or extra deep pool. this is the option to go with. If you want a heart shaped pool, a palm tree shape, or a lazy river built, all this can be done with custom fiberglass pools. Custom Fiberglass Pools are built on-site. While the building process takes longer than a 1 piece fiberglass pool installation, this allows for more flexibility in shape and size. Now because it is build on site, to the size, shape, and depth you are wanting to have. Different sizes take a different amount of time to build. You are not limited on the type of pool you can pick from with a custom made fiberglass pool. With custom build you are also getting a true to size pool since these are measured from the inside measurements of the pool not the outside you get a true 16x32. There is no limitations on size, shape and depth to building a custom fiberglass pool. In addition, there are countless installation options available with custom fiberglass. Pools can be installed partially above ground, in-ground, inside or outside. And because they are much lighter than gunite, they can be installed on upper floors or even roof top. They can also be build in small or tight spaces that other pools cant, because of it being built on sight and not coming pre-made. These are build on site by hand laying a good quality and thick fiberglass over a wood structure. This make is evenly distributed around you pool with no weak spots. It also makes the strength and integrity of your pool much stronger. We apply and Epoxy top coat over the pools surface one complete and this also add to the strength and durability of your pool. This Epoxy top coat will not chip, blister, or crack over time like the Gel coat. There isn't the same depth restrictions on a custom build fiberglass pool. You can pick any color you would like for your pool. There is no limits, if you want Red, Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Grey ETC.


As for the finished product, both Custom Fiberglass Pools and 1 Piece Fiberglass Pools can be stunning and extremely functional. In the end, much of it depends on the installation, the building and manufacturing of the pool, and your budget. Make sure you know your facts, have done your homework, and trust your manufacturer and builder. Hope this has helped!

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