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Roof-top Custom Fiberglass Pools

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

API builds custom fiberglass pools, these are very unique in the pool market today. The reason why is because, we are currently the only company that hand builds on-site our custom fiberglass pools. Most fiberglass pools are built in a factory and pulled from a mold. Due to this, you are limited on the shape, size, and depth available to choose from. Now because here at API we hand build on-site our custom fiberglass pools, we can build any shape, size, and depth you can imagine for the pool of your dreams. We can also attach Hot Tubs and Spas, we can also build into the pool Baja Benches, Tanning Ledges, and Stools/Seats ETC. Anything you can think of to put into your pool we can build for you. A few reasons why fiberglass is the way to go when building a custom roof top pools is its ability to flex, its strength, and its light weight material. A lot lighter than concrete/gunite, and stainless steel. Now because of its strength, flexibility and it being a lighter weight material compared to others used to build pool, we can build our custom fiberglass pools on top of any roof.

The above pictures are of custom fiberglass pools built by API on different types of roofs. Left is one built on top of an apartment building in St Louis, MO, Middle top picture is on the roof top of a bar in Pittsburgh, PA , Middle bottom picture is on the roof top of a residential home in Virginia Beach, VA, Left is on the roof top of a residential home in Bel-Air, CA.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope you enjoyed this tid-bit of information of roof top pools. Subscribe to us and continue to learn about Fiberglass Pools, Fiberglass Resins, Uses for Fiberglass, and so much MORE. Along with more information on the benefit of using Fiberglass in many aspects of your life. Please contact us with any questions.

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