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Opening Your Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

First you need to remove all standing water and debris from your pool cover. This is very important, because if you let all the standing water and leaves from the fall and winter months fall into your pool it can take longer to get the pool clean. Auto covers need to be pumped clear of all water before the cover will operate.

  Leaves and branches must also be removed. Next you need to bring the water level up to the middle of the skimmer. Having the water level right helps the start up of the pool go smooth. There is always going to be some type of debris at the bottom of your pool. Even under the best conditions. In order to remove the debris from the bottom we recommend a trash pump that sucks it out of the bottom and deposits it on the ground. We recommend this instead of running your vacuum and sending all that debris and crud threw your pool equipment. Either way be prepared to spend some time removing or vacuuming this debris once the cover is off.

Once the vacuuming is done. We than add the chlorine to shock the pool. We than recommend

running the pool conditionally, cleaning the filter and/or back washing often until the water starts to become crystal clear. We also recommend opening your pool sooner than later.

The sooner you start the process the better. Cold water is easier to get in line than warm and more algae hasn't had a chance to grow.

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