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This is a two component system: A: Resin an B: Hardner

The is an epoxy top coat which is thicker than paint  or gel coats. It can be used to coat a nmber of surfaces, such as pools, gargae floors, counter tops. ETC

Is applied over light scuffed surface for proper adhesion and is a single coat application.  We highly recommend at least 2 coats for underwater. 

Unit Includes: 3/4 Quart of Top Coat and 1/4 Quart of Hardner=1Quart Total

Please read shipping info about the cost to ship.

Small Unit of Top Coat and Hardner

Top Coat
  • Shipping NOT included Please allow 1 to 3 business days to process order and 2 to 7 for shipment to arrive. Due to some orderes having to ship freight (Large Orders) Shipping will be calculated on the weight of order and locations shipped to, because of this once your order is placed on-line we will contact you for payment info (Credit Card) and help you to calculate the cost of shipping, Thank you for your understanding!

  • No Returns or Refunds.

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